Don’t make a mess by rushing into things

From the series of DON’TS: Don’t make a mess by rushing into things! When you’re in a hurry, you’re bound to make mistakes, miss important information, forget about people and tasks, just mess it up. You think you are solving the issue, but if you ruin it, it’s going to take you longer to fix it.

Exactly how I felt 🙂

This week, I did so many mistakes that I was thinking:”Isn’t there a quota of mistakes per day?” If so, I hope I reached it, cause it’s getting serious. The problem is when this happens at work and you have to report to your boss what you did. When that happens you just brace for impact and hope for the best. This week, although I had my decent share of mistakes, I managed to stabilize the situation and make it seem like nothing happened. Uhuuu!

You know the rush of adrenaline to get when you realized you just missed a deadline, forgot sending a report, missed an appointment or a major task fell of your agenda? I can live without that adrenaline. But this week I  managed to check most of these things and complicate my life. All this just because I thought that if I hurried up and juggle many things at the same time I would obviously be efficient.

This only made me think, why get so desperate to do everyone asap, when I can easily make errors and afterwards spend days “cleaning up” after myself.

Today, it’s Friday and I can only be happy and look forward to the week-end and hope Monday we can start form zero and have a mistake-free week.

Very thankful my mistakes were contained and in the end everything got solved.

–Thank you for this picture–


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