I’ll have kids when I’ll have kids

Oh how sick and tired I am of everyone asking me when do I plan to have kids. It’s like a social responsibility of some sort or my obligation to the world’s population. I don’t understand the purpose, have we really ran out of subjects to talk about or are we that limited. I might want to have kids one day, but maybe I’m not ready now, maybe I am going through some tough period now (not saying I am) or maybe I plan to travel the world for the next years or maybe I am just emotionally not available.

For some reason if you get married or if you pass a certain age or just by existing and having humans around you, you get to be confronted with this question on a constant basis. I just want to tell to everyone out there that this world doesn’t need more frustrated mothers, or women who just are not made to be mothers. I don’t know much about parenting, but I know I don’t think I’m ready. I feel too selfish, too scared and busy to think of having a baby. I am not having this baby for my mom, for the Romanian population or for any other reason in the world. If my mom wants another kid, she should have one. If my cousing wants a kid, she should also have one. If any other person around me wants a kid, stop asking me about it and just have one of your own.

Picture this, it’s as if I start asking everyone I know who is not married when are they exactly getting married, why aren’t they married and don’t they feel the need to get married. What do I gain with this? Is it going to make them feel more pressured to get married, happy I care about them or just annoyed that I don’t mind my own business. Their private life won’t affect mine or my happiness.

I just want to end by saying that next time you plan to ask me when do I plan to have babies, please consider asking me first how am I doing and if I am happy or healthy or what are my plans for the future. Then, I would consider that you might care or just want to have a neutral small talk. I consider my social responsibility to be kind, care and respect people. God willing, one day I will be ready to have kids and become a great mom. Until them, just give me a break!


I heart Timisoara

I was suppose to write this post a few months ago when the experience was still fresh and intense. In Feb (now, more than 3 months later) I had to go back home to my dentist. Too long to explain why, you can just read my post about it 🙂. What I want to point out is that I always feel nostalgic when I go back to my home city. Although it’s not a very big one, it’s full of treasures: cultural, religious, musical, ethnic, you name it. It has a life of its on, it’s like a young adult who got freed up from its boring and disturbing parents and discovered he’s actually very cool and interesting.

I’m very proud to say that Timisoara was the place where the anti-communism revolution began in Romania in ’89 and with it the start of a new era for the nation. It afterwards spread throughout the country and on Christmas day, Romanians changed their destiny, we were free.

Today, Timisoara is a hub of business, culture, religion, ethnic groups and new ideas getting into the country. I really love the way the different ethnic groups present there are so well integrated that I never actually thought about it or felt it till I moved to Belgium. Nevertheless, they are so obviously present through their theaters, churches, activities, schools, etc. Somehow, we manage to live together, each speak our own languages and live within our own cultures without having any sort of conflict.

Another thing I love about the city is the beautiful streets of the center. During my Uni. years I very much enjoyed walking to get to my classes, just so that I can pass through the bohemian and beautiful central square. There are quite a few places to hang out, bars, lounges, clubs to pick from to anyone’s liking.

The food, oh the food! I love the food, I will always love it. So tasty!! Of course, the people are cool as well, very friendly and welcoming. The kind of people who make things happen or at least try to find a way to help you out.

I heart Timisoara, my birth place, made me what I am today!

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What do you do when you lose someone?

If you’re reading this blog hoping that I will have very wise or practical words, I guess you should stop now. I just lost a friend to cancer and although I knew she was suffering from it for a while, I was hoping that the chemo did its job. The news that it came back, just a month ago, just choked me up and I was out of words. We were all so happy after her recovery and just looking forward for a peaceful future.

It wasn’t the case, a few days ago, my friend passed away and for the first minutes when I got the new I was just blank, I couldn’t breath properly and I was out of words. I was also sad as I realised I haven’t seen my friend in almost two years. Just a week ago I send her a message saying that I was thinking about her and that I loved her. It was probably too late.

So, what do you do when you lose someone? I cried and wished that someday I could be as encouraging as she was, as beautiful inside and out and a special friend to so many. She was a prayer warrior and a close friend of God. Whenever she was talking about God, she was like Moses, her face would just lit up! She had experienced God at a different level, in a way that I guess many of us would want to.

Her life stands as a testimony and I only hope she had peace before she passed away and I pray that her family will be comforted.

Good bye my dear friend, Ralu!

Best Cupcakes in Brussels!

I love, love the cupcakes made by Lilicup! It’s a very cute place, close to Chatelain that mainly does cupcakes, but also other sweet treats. But not just any cupcakes, the best I’ve eaten in Brussels.

Courtesy of Lilicup (photo from their Facebook page)

I must say that 90% of the cupcakes I tasted from them have been absolutely fabulous, with a perfect balance of flavours and so pretty to look at, as well. There is a wide range of flavours, but you must be lucky to get the special ones and you should go early, of course. Don’t try going there at 5pm, they will only have brownies left. Their downsize is its size and the fact the the stash finishes early, as a consequence you need a plan B 🙂

So, if you do feel like having a cupcake after work or in the week-end, go to Cafe de la Presse, on Avenue Louise. It’s a very funky, retro place. You can always find a seat as it’s very spacious and as it’s not so close to the center, it’s mainly populated by the people from the Avenue Louise area.


Whichever you will go to, make sure you try a peanut butter cupcake, it’s a guaranteed success. Very tasty, moist and melts in your mouth. You literaly have a sugar high after one of these bad boys (ups girls, assuming cupcakes are girly 🙂 So, go for one of these sweet wonders and see why I like them so much! I already convinced most of my friends, it will be easy to convince you too 🙂

Lilicup:  Facebook page (Chatelain area)

Cafe de la Presse: Facebook page (Avenue Louise/Bois de la Chambre)

Peanut butter, chocolate and Tiramisu