What, Lent already?

Courtesy of Google Images

Just yesterday we were coming back from our Christmas holiday and back into the containable amount of work left over the holidays. Today, I was remembered by a surprised scream from one of my colleagues at work: “Guys, it’s Mardi Gras today!!” End of carnival and jumping right into Lent. So, if you were reminded in advance, probably you enjoyed some wacky parade in your area, ate pancakes (mostly UK) and played with oversized beads.

Probably, Mardi Gras is more known than Ash Wednesday, its preceding day, but it has a more spiritual significance. It’s the start of Lent, a period that is suppose to draw us closer to God or at least make us more aware of its sacrifice.

Ash Wednesday begins a forty day period during which Christians remember their sinfulness, repent, ask God’s forgiveness, and recognize that God’s forgiveness comes at an infinite price — the death of Christ on the cross on our behalf. It is not meant as a time of false humility or prideful self-sacrifice. It reminds us that our sin separates us from God, who “demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom. 5:8).

So, buckle up and make the best of it. But, for heaven’s sake remember that it’s about the attitude, not only counting our good deeds, having a dry celebration that happens to come every year. I see it as a great gift that we got, the chance to a new hope, a new life!

Thank YOU for the CROSS!


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