5 year anniversary, look how far we’ve got!

nico&fer the chinese wall

It’s amazing, we are celebrating 5 happy years! This year had it’s particularities and in short all I can say is that we enjoyed it, grew in loving each other and decided to enlarge our family.
The more you add years to your marriage the more you get to see your husband in different circumstances and get to know him more and have even more reasons to love him. I’m learning every year that marriage is not a straight line that you follow, it’s intertwined, surprising with it’s doze of routine. It’s suppose to make you feel loved and make you love. And together you get to grow as a person and in your relationship.
As I’ve done every year, here’s what I’ve learnt from this last year:
depend on each other in a way that doesn’t make you “handicapped” in your capabilities, but rather shows that you love
and honor each other enough to let them do things for you. That will make you feel closer, needed and useful.
trust each other; living with doubt can be so harmful.
don’t take each other for granted; not even the time you get to spend together.
talk about your past. It’s empowering to discuss what you’ve gone through together.
• also revisit the happy moments. Celebrate these moments and be proud you came out on top and you just look back with happiness.
plan your future together. Weather it’s a crazy dream or actual reality, it’s so important to share it with your partner. You are two individuals, but you share your lives together. So it’s no longer each for their own, it’s both of you for each other
encourage and support each other. Never underestimate the power of words. You should be each other’s biggest fans. If not you, someone else will.
deciding to enlarge your family should come at a time in your relationship when it’s stable, loving and are actually financially able. Of course, surprises may happen, but that’s another story. I believe it’s not a decision you should take if your relationship is in trouble, having a baby won’t make it better or fix it.
• find something you both like doing together, like sports, traveling, some sort of activity that allows you to spend quality time together and it’s just for the two of you.
• learn to lovingly do things that mean a lot or are important for the other even if that might be an effort for you, like waking up early in the morning, although you don’t have to, just to have breakfast together.
• it’s important to understand that love becomes a choice, with time you discover that neither of you is perfect, but you choose to see the best in the other and love each other every day.
I could go on with my list, but I just want to end this post by saying that I feel so blessed to have Fernando as my husband and friend and get to share my life with him. God knew better whom to bring in my life and I literally couldn’t be happier.