Hello Kitty drink

It’s Japan, it’s Hello Kitty land and I plan to enjoy it. So, when I saw this drink I had to have it.

It looks cute, but it tastes like melted candy bars mixed with milk. The color isn’t very appetizing either. Unfortunately, won’t have it again, but I had to try it.



Discovering the Japanese food, loving the ramen

I’ve only been here a bit more than a week and I must say there hasn’t been one day that I didn’t try something new in the culinary department.

In Belgium, we loved having sushi and searching for the best Japanese restaurant, but nothing compares to the real deal. Almost anything I’ve picked here so far has been exquisite.

Friends back in Europe have asked me if that’s the only thing I’m doing. Well, not really, but I feel that experiencing the local food makes me enjoy this place more and more every day. On top of that, I’m quite a foodie.

So far my favorite dish here is the tantan ramen (top left). I love the spicy peanut flavor.


A few days ago, we went to Yamachan which is apparently one of the classics here. It’s the place for chicken wings. Conveniently, every table has one of those button which you press whenever you need the waiter.


I’ve never had wings like they do it here, but it’s surprisingly delicious. They have a bit of sauce and come with loads of salt and pepper.


Along with those I had my fist go at a Japanese desert and I loved it. The pastry came filled with a caramel sauce with small pieces of peanuts, topped with very smooth vanilla ice cream.


I'll continue to post about he amazing food here as I continue exploring 🙂

A new beginning – Japan

We now live in Japan! We started a new and exciting adventure. We are not your ordinary couple, we’re a Romanian and Panamanian who met and got married in Belgium and now live in Japan. But this is what makes us interesting and fun and always open to new things, like moving to Japan for a few years 🙂

We knew about it for a while and it gave us the chance (blessed chance) to prepare. We increased our traveling, spend more time with our dear family and friends and…just simply pushed us to focus on everyone and everything we wouldn’t have in Japan.

So, 2013 has been quite a crazy year. We spent almost every weekend traveling or seeing people or both :). We started Japanese classes and I had as many of my favorite delicious cupcakes as I could 🙂

I’ve done my reading, talked to Japanese, took Japanese classes and a few years ago (totally unrelated at that time) I’ve done my dissertation on Japanese management with a case study on Toyota.

All in all, I tried to be prepared for this move, but getting here, wondering through the city and going to the supermarket makes all my prep. fade away.

I’m experiencing a culture shock like never before. I’m enjoying it greatly but it’s also difficult.

On the one hand, I feel hopeful and happy that I get to start over. I’m joyful that I have the freedom to choose what I want to do, study Japanese, blog more, read more, look for other classes to develop new skills, etc…

I think it will take our relationship to a new stage since we have to relay more on each other to help us navigate through this big unknown. But also us as individuals will learn more about the world, ourselves and get immersed in a totally different culture.

On top of that, we get to meet new people, travel through Asia and see our friends from this side of the world. How great is this?!

Japan is a beautiful country with such a rich culture, extraordinary food and such delicious green tea. Its focus on quality, order and cleanliness are simply mind boggling to me. Everyone takes their job very seriously and they do their part faithfully. To the point that if you tip them they are offended since it means that you think what they make is not enough. From what I understood it’s very disrespectful.

On the other hand, it can be a lot of effort to start over. Settle in a new place, start from 0 with how many people you know, learn another language and so on.

I speak 6 languages, but that doesn’t make much difference as when I have to communicate here I’m just speechless and have such a confused face. Many times I can’t even utter the words: “Sorry, I don’t understand!”
It frustrates me that I’m so ignorant and I wish to re-start language classes asap.

I’m conflicted on feeling excited and feeling overwhelmed. I know I’m in my honeymoon period here in discovering everything and I will surely have lonely and maybe less excited days, but I stay hopeful that those will be only temporary days.

All in all, I’m feeling really blessed and I’m embracing this opportunity with all I can.

I added it my first picture in Japan to remember how happy I was when I had my first bowl of delicious ramen with my amazing husband in our home Nagoya, Japan.