Face off, Facebook Out

My Facebook experiment

I was thinking how funny it sounds when I say: “I’m taking a break from Facebook!” It’s mostly funny because I am a social media manager (among others) and this is one of my main channels of communication.  It’s also sad because it seems that we can’t recall how did we manage to stay in touch with our friends before FB appeared. How did we?

This was my little experiment. How will my social life be without FB? Will my friends look for me, call me, email me? Do they all know my phone number? Are we just FB friends? This sounds so ridiculous. How can your friend not know your email address or your mobile phone number? Well, it just so happens that being off FB for a while, clear cuts who is interested in you. Now this sounds pathetic, but it’s just an experiment.

How did it go and did I learn something out of it?

Funny enough, next day I stared getting phone calls if I deleted some of my friends of FB. They were concerned if I had deleted them. And what if I did? What would that mean? That we’re not friends anymore, that I am upset? Then, I got emails, asking me what is going on, then text messages, messages on Twitter and so on. So, eventually, the few friends interested in me did know my email address and my phone number. To my mind, without trying to be mean or arrogant as I am a FB fan myself, it only shows how comfortable we became in our relationships and how social media has changed the way we relate, communicate and interact with the whole world.

Today, social media not only changes society at a personal level, but it can change governments , raise awareness on different causes, enrich or pond companies and brands and in just a few days make a star out of …well, just anyone. Ladies and gents, this is just the beginning, prepare for more. For those who will know how to manipulate this, it will make them rich, famous, change lives and so on. For those who will be caught by surprise, they will be left behind and it will be difficult to catch up.

On the other hand, don’t get me wrong, I love having all my friends in a list, just pick a name and drop a line. It’s all so easy and practical. It’s giving you the choice to be lazy and just poke a friend if don’t even feel like saying hi.

Today, to make a statement, you have to use FB! You have to be hype on social media!
P.S. Eventually I will go back on Facebook, but I’m enjoying the perks of not knowing what is going on, of using my time more efficiently and not being torn by the idea that probably if we are not friends on FB, than for sure we are not friends in real life…funny