Catalunya, Spain: sea, paella and a lot of sightseeing

It was my first time in Spain and I was quite excited to finally be there. Flights in Europe have become quite an affordable commodity and it’s almost a shame not to travel. The old continent is not that big and you can get anywhere in no more than 3 hours for not that much.

This time we drove as we wanted to explore as much as possible. It was a long drive, but we took turns and it was manageable. Actually we like travelling  a lot by car because of the freedom it gives us.

We rented a great beach apartment with an amazing view, just 1 hour away from Barcelona. Every day we went to a different city, tasted the food, walked around and enjoyed the sun.

We visited the region of Catalunya, which is situated in the N-E of Spain, bordering France. It’s worth mentioning that this region has it’s own language, Catalan and they are very proud of it and eager to promote it. It is one of the richest regions of Spain, if not the richest.

Another interesting fact, for the ones who are not already aware is that they are doing a lot of effort to separate from Spain, as they consider themselves very different from the rest of the country as a result of their good economical situation, cultural and language difference.  Whether they succeed or not, I loved my stay there and would go back any time 🙂

So, here’s what we’ve seen:

  • Barcelona is a masterpiece. The city’s popularity is due in big part to Gaudi’s works. I fell in love with his creativity, daring ideas and aesthetics. This one here will have a post by itself 🙂



  • Valencia (although it’s part of Province of Valencia) it was only 2 hours away from where we were staying, so we did a day trip. Unexpectedly beautiful. I say this because it’s not a first choice for many of Spain’s tourists, but really enjoyable. FYI, the paella originates from here and we had some, of course.



  • Tarragona is a small town at the seaside, just one hour away from Barcelona. Normally, it’s not a must-see, but we really surprised at what it had to offer. A lot of well kept Roman ruins, very pretty and old, cobbled stoned streets with loads of restaurants and beautiful scenery of the sea. From here originates the human towers.



  • Cambrils was the closest town from our beach apartment and we had a few dinners there. That place was full of people at any hour we went there, with a lot of restaurants, loads of families with kids and a pretty cool port where fresh fish and sea food arrived every morning. The best food we had all week was here.



  • Salou was another small town close to where we stayed and this too was very vibrant. It’s very alive and packed with tourists. Nothing very special about it, just a very popular destination for many English tourists.

I am really looking forward to our next visit and hopefully will see Madrid soon as well. I have greatly enjoyed this week in Spain and wondering what took me so long to see Spain.


Back from holidays

This year has been a bit different. We usually take long Christmas holidays to go visit our family in Panama and Costa Rica. This year we changed, the family came to Europe. This means that we took our long holidays in the summer time.

We had a great time exploring Europe with them, although I should say re-exploring it, since they have already been here a few times.

So, this explains my long absence. On the other hand, I have so many posts coming up, since we got to see so many places.

We stayed for a week in Catalunya (N-E side of Spain), discovered some great restaurants in Brussels and last was a week in London

It was all great and fun. Now, we’re back at work and soon will be posting posts about everything (almost everything) we caught on camera 🙂