Japan putting things into perspective

You and I are the best are complaining and with such a conviction that we have the right to do so, that we convince everyone else around us. Why? Cause we give us the right to be self-absorbed and preoccupied with all meaningless details in our lives.

So, when an event like the earthquake in Japan takes place, you’re either blind or stupid if it has no effect on you. In case you still have some senses left, then a picture like this gets to you. Suddenly, you realise how small you are and insignificant your small car is or your underpaid salary. You understand that your skin problem is not the end of the world or the shoes that you want aren’t actually going to save your life and you are thankful your are ALIVE!

So, go out there and appreciate live, ENJOY LIFE!!

My heart and prayer are with Japan in a time like this!