Long absence, busy learning

I’ve been away for more than a month and although I missed writing I was happy to learn a few things and discover old skills.

The main reason why I was away, in the first place was because we had this big event at work and we were two people to put it together. My job is taking care of our communication, social media marketing and whatever is related to these, not really into organizing events.  I have to admit it was very stressful and tiring. Nevertheless, I had a great satisfaction at the end of the three days hearing wonderful reviews from participants and managers.

I realized that I am capable to manage people, to coordinate tasks and deal with the pressure of a 600 people event running smoothly. I am happy I had to experience this and acquire new skills and ignite old ones.

During the event

I also had to prepare a presentation to present our social media strategy and surprisingly a lot of people showed out, considering we had 5 different rooms they could choose from. That was a piece of cake and I absolutely enjoyed the kick I go out of speaking in front of people. One of my strengths is Communication. 

Next, I got to visit my pretty and very pregnant sister and tried to spoil her for a week. There, I remembered I had some cooking skills and prepared some restaurant food (pictures on the bottom). I really enjoyed the time with my sister and the amazing food. It was a good time to chill and not touch my laptop for a week. Although my family is sort of spread out in different countries, every time we meet I am so joyful and realise how much I love them and easily connect with them.

My sister and I (1 month before the baby comes)

Also, lately, I realized that sooner or later I should “grow up”. Grow up in the sense that even though I can act like I’m 20 for another 20 years, my responsibilities will change, same as circumstances and priorities and interests. Although for some things I will never have to change, for others I have to rationally take the decision to do it. A simple example would be, living in a comfortable apartment in a nice area in the middle of nowhere vs. living in a match box in the centre of Brussels. I believe that this is part of evolving and growing.  Hopefully, this makes sense.

Finally, for the first time I was scared that I might not leave Belgium for a while or ever. That thought gives me a bit of shivers. I would really like to live in a country where the sun doesn’t only shine 10 days a year, where I can have local friends and actually feel at home. I do want to enjoy while I’m here, learn as much as possible, but I don’t really want to succumb to the habits and certain rules or mentality here. Sounds harsh maybe, but prefer enjoying life, rather than adapting to a culture foreign to my liking. Belgium has many good things about it, but not too sure I want to grow old here. This is what too many hours in the car does to you.

These are just a few of the things that have been happening. Of course, still enjoying cupcakes, bagels and other high in calories goodness that is primarily meant to be enjoyed without regrets 🙂

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