The world is a much smaller place than it was 10 years ago. Flights are cheaper, I have access to technology to help me keep in touch on multiple platforms with all my friends and family, anytime, anywhere. I know, nothing compares to the real deal, but you do what you can 🙂

Since it’s much tougher to see my dear ones from Japan, I’ll stick to the internet. Being at the other side of the world makes live communication a bit difficult, but I still want to know what’s going on and be part of the life of my loved ones.

So, the other day I was talking with my Romanian, Belgium-based bestie about what can we do to keep the communication flow going, since I’m sleeping when she can talk and in return she’s at work when I can talk. We can no longer have our dinners, long phone calls, week-end trips or sleepovers when we talk about everything, paint our nails and play with James (her handsome cat).

Our idea was to come up with our own tag on Facebook #HappyBeyondTimeZones, to share with each other every day for 100 days our happy moments, our spontaneous moments, the new people and activities, emotions, etc… no matter the time 🙂 After all, if your bestie doesn’t get you, who will.



Here’s her side of the story 🙂

When your bestie moves across the globe, its tougher than you would expect…too many stories you want to tell her at the most inconvenient moments…

Call her in the morning from the car, send her a pic of that guy you just met right before you go to sleep…But wait, she’s like a million time zones ahead of you now.

Sometimes you just need to say an inappropriate swear word in Romanian…darn timezones, you can’t anymore.

So many little things you are happy about every day, that you’re thankful or angry about that get lost into unread whatsapp received during the night or sent too early in the morning.

And when I say bestie, yes you know it – it’s that Romanian that married a Panamanian that she met in Belgium, with whom she’s now living in Japan….Nico Tristan


Today, we roll out our 100 days of #HappyBeyondTimeZones from bestie to bestie, trying to connect time zones 🙂 nico&adri


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