Things that make my life easier in Nagoya/Japan

There are a lot of great things about Japan that I love and I’m sure will miss them when we move back. But here’s an initial list:

1. The super customer service. People do their utmost to help you out even if they don’t speak English. If you think the States are the winners at this category, I say come to japan!

2. Safety is paramount! In any circumstance I feel secure, even with the suspended roads all over Nagoya, my gym’s pool at the 9th floor, car parks that look like scaffolding, etc.

3. Not being paranoid about having my belongings stolen. I saw people leave their bag on a chair to save a table and then went inside to order a coffee. What?! That’s unheard of! Bikes are never locked to a fence or a pole. They usually just have a small chain on one of their wheels.

4. There are toilets everywhere and in decent condition: metro stops, parks, supermarkets, stadiums, in convenience store, anywhere.

5. The convenience stores! As I already mentioned they are every 50 meters and they are multipurpose. You can buy food, knickknacks, print stuff, pay bills, make and get deliveries, get cash out, you name it.

6. Punctuality is golden!! In Japan you get early, not just on time! Transportation is always on time, stores open and close on time, people arrive at the time of the meet-up; you get the idea 🙂

7. You can get rid of your coins at the ATMs. You can just deposit the extra coins you have by dropping them in the ATM’s designated hole and that’s a wrap.

8. The food in the restaurants is delish and much cheaper than Europe! You can get amazing dinners for just 15EUR.

9. Everyone respects queues and there are plenty of them. You stay in line to get in the metro, to enter a restaurant, at the cross walk, etc.

10. Japanese want to hang out with you just because you’re a foreigner. It’s a win-win situation, they get to practice English and you hang out with locals!



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