20 random things I’ve noticed in my first month in Nagoya/Japan


1. It’s very clean and neat. Haven’t seen one graffiti.
2. Everything has explanations with illustrations.
3. Almost no stray animals.
4. It’s all about safety!
5. No trash bins. You carry your garbage with you till you get home or to a convenience store.
6. Everyone bows and you start bowing too (for so many reasons).
7. Convenience stores every other block and vending machines like there’s no tomorrow.
8. Extremely polite people! And best customer service I’ve ever experienced.
9. You are not allowed to speak on your phone on the metro or train.
10. It’s bikeland but bike lanes are not clear.
11. People are not concerned about having their belongings stolen.
12. You get free water in restaurants.
13. You get chopsticks by default. You can get cutlery if you ask for it.
14. Public toilets range from the famous Toto toilets to the holes in the ground where you have to squat.
15. Many people go on metros and trains without holding on and not falling down.
16. The ground floor is counted as first floor.
17. Shorts skirts and shorts everywhere! No cleavage shown tough.
18. You don’t blow your nose, you hold it in đŸ˜¦ or go to the toilet.
19. There are metro carts reserved only for women.
20. 24/7 Karaoke bars.


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