Sakura (cherry blossom) in Nagoya

The cherry blossom period is a wonderful time of the year when the city is covered in pink. For about two weeks the city completely changes. Everywhere you look people are frantically taking pictures of the cherry trees or out in the parks for picnics and I just had to do the same. So, I went exploring a few places of Nagoya that are famous for its plenitude of cherry trees.

First on my list was the Nagoya Castle which is a must see even without the cherry blossom.

The Nagoya Castle – used to be one of the most important castles in Japan in the Edo period. Although suffered significant destruction during WWII, it has been restored and even had an elevator incorporated. Now, it’s the city’s landmark and a must see on the attractions list for Nagoya. Side note: Nagoya’s symbol is a giant, golden fish, which you can see on top of the castle, as well as inside. (Location)


Second on the list was the Tsuruma Park, that I think is really pretty and pleasant even without the pink cover 🙂

Tsuruma Park – a beautiful Western & Japanese style park (Location)


Next on the cherry blossom list for Nagoya was the Meijo park, which was my favorite spot. In my opinion, it was the most beautiful, I felt like I was walking through a painting. The colors were so bright and bold. This park is bigger than the Tsuruma park and it was as well packed with people out on a picnic.

Meijo Park – it surrounds the Nagoya Castle, so you get a great view of the castle. (Location)


Last, we went to see the row of cherry trees on the Yamazaki River. We were not disappointed, it has a great richness of cherry tress and wonderful colors. (10 minute on foot from Mizuho-Undojo-Higashi Station)


Practical Info

  • Sakura period in Nagoya 2014: 24th March – 6th Aril. To be up to date with just check out this link or any other that is reliable with dates.
  • Check out here a list of best spots for cherry blossom in Nagoya.

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