Discovering the Japanese food, loving the ramen

I’ve only been here a bit more than a week and I must say there hasn’t been one day that I didn’t try something new in the culinary department.

In Belgium, we loved having sushi and searching for the best Japanese restaurant, but nothing compares to the real deal. Almost anything I’ve picked here so far has been exquisite.

Friends back in Europe have asked me if that’s the only thing I’m doing. Well, not really, but I feel that experiencing the local food makes me enjoy this place more and more every day. On top of that, I’m quite a foodie.

So far my favorite dish here is the tantan ramen (top left). I love the spicy peanut flavor.


A few days ago, we went to Yamachan which is apparently one of the classics here. It’s the place for chicken wings. Conveniently, every table has one of those button which you press whenever you need the waiter.


I’ve never had wings like they do it here, but it’s surprisingly delicious. They have a bit of sauce and come with loads of salt and pepper.


Along with those I had my fist go at a Japanese desert and I loved it. The pastry came filled with a caramel sauce with small pieces of peanuts, topped with very smooth vanilla ice cream.


I'll continue to post about he amazing food here as I continue exploring 🙂


2 thoughts on “Discovering the Japanese food, loving the ramen

  1. Kiharutei (a 2-5 minute walk from Tsurumai Station (Subway Tsurumai Line)) is a famous pork cutlet restaurant that has a macrobiotic menu and serves many different Nagoya specialties as well. The chef there cooked at the Berlin Olympics. We tried the macrobiotic tan tan men (both flavors) and it was amazing! They also have regular, meaty tan tan men. You should try it! It’s a great place and the employees there are really friendly!

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