The Magic Versailles Palace (Paris, France)

I have to say that this experience is in my top 10 best ever. I have been before to the Versailles Palace, but I guess I must have missed some important parts.

This used to be the home of Louis XIV, XV and XVI, up until the French Revolution. This sumptuous construction brings an estimate of 5 million visitors every year.

This time we had a guided tour, with live music, dance and people dressed up like in the XV century. It has been truly amazing to discover rooms of the Palace that I didn’t know about. Topped with an evening visit of the palace’s gardens.

Another item that has impressed me a lot is the multitude of people that were that at all hours. I felt like it was a big migration and we were all heading towards the same place. That also enhanced the experience.

“La Serenade Royale”  (The Royal Serenade)

  • Live music inside the most majestic room

  • Accompanied by dancing

The gardens

The loads of people, summer temperature, lights, lasers and fire made this quite an amazing experience. Here are the videos

  • Playing with fire
  • Water and lights

I also took a few photos of our stroll throughout the beautifully lighted gardens


To see all the videos I’ve made at the Versailles Palace, go here




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