The town of Spa, Stavelot Abbey and Cartier-Bresson expo in one

Did you know that the word spa comes from the town Spa in Belgium? There is a little town in the S-E of Belgium that has thermal waters and is famous for its, what else, but spa 🙂

Spa is situated in Wallonia, the South part of Belguim where they speak French. The area is very green, peaceful and quite pretty. It’s also the hilly side of Belgium, the Ardennes, ideal for hikes, bike trails and relaxing week-ends.


Source: google maps

We went to Spa for 2 days and got to explore a bit the surroundings. As I’m not such a big fan of going to the spa, unless it involves a lot of massages, we spent our time going around, rather than in the sauna. 

So, we took a stroll in the town and was impressed about its architecture, considering its size and its bourgeois feel. It is very neat and clean and has a very resorty feel. The people are very friendly and can get easily into a conversation, which is not as easy in Flanders. Maybe it’s because my French is better than my Flemish.


The town of Spa

Next day, we went around a lac just 5 minutes from the town, Lac de Warfaaz. It’s very popular with fishers and families. 


Lac du Wafaaz.


We spent some time there going for a pleasant walk around it.


Lac du Warfaaz

As we were close by, we visited the Stavelot Abbey (built in 650, it now serves aa a museum) for a Henri Cartier-Bresson expo. As a photography lover, I was very excited to get to enjoy his pictures in a place I wouldn’t expect. The location was beautiful and the curation, can’t complain either. 


Stavelot Abbey

The expo was called “Des Européens” and it comprised the photos that Bresson took all over Europe, encompassing most important historic events happening throughout the 20th C.   


Des Europeens expo, Henri Cartier-Bresson

Bresson is considered to be THE photographer of the 20th century and I think this title gives him justice. His eye for perfect composition and light impressed me from the first time I saw his pictures. He is also the founder of Magnum Photos, worldwide known photographic cooperative.

All in all, I was quite happy to enjoy such a relaxing week-end, discover part of Wallonia and feel quite silly for not doing it earlier. But, there’s always a first for everything.

P.S. Thank you Fernando for the great week-end!


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