Liège: citadel, architecture, meatballs and friendly people

I fist passed through Liege a few years ago and I to be honest I didn’t have a good first impression. It must have been the rain, the bad spa experience we had or just not in a sightseeing mood.

But this week-end, we actually took the time to walk around, get lost in the small street of the city, walk up and down the hilly ways and discover the beautiful panoramic view of the city.


View from the citadel

I was quite surprised with the beautiful buildings, the history and good food. If you go to Liege you must have some boulette a la liegeoise (Liege’s meatballs).


Top: The Cathedral, The Liège-Guillemins railway station,
Middle: Hôtel de Ville & View from the citadel
Bottom: Place St Lambert & Boulet à la liégoise

There is plenty to see, but whatever you do make sure you make your way up to the citadel for a great view of the city, pass the montagne de bueren and the memorial.

Here’s what we got to see:

  • The Cathedral


  • The stairs leading to the Citadel



  • The Citadel Walls



  • The War Memorial, right before reaching the citadel



  • The Montagne de Bueren on the way to the citadel

PhotoGrid_1376295118262 (1)


  • The Liège-Guillemins railway station. Its architect Santiago Calatrava designed the station’s top as a shell.



  • Got lost through the streets and made beautiful discoveries





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