Romania’s Black Sea in a few words

In our road trip to Romania, we passed by the Romanian seaside for a few days. We booked a hotel in Mamaia, the hypest resort currently and we explored a few places around.

View from our hotel room

View from our hotel room

Mamaia is actually part of Constanta, it’s a strip between a lake and the Black Sea. If you drive for about 15 minutes you’re seen it all. What’s special about it is that it’s a boulevard with hotels on both sides, raging from motels to 5 stars hotels. So, there’s something for every budget.

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I was surprised how beautiful and clean the water was. I’ve only been once to the Romanian seaside, more tan 10 years ago and I remembered it differently. Instead I have found a first class seaside location, sandy, sunny and pretty.

We have seen a bit of Constanta, which is also one of our most important ports. It has a number of tourist attractions, but I recommend walking around the seafront, enjoy a meal watching the water and get drinks on the many cool bars the city has. The most remarkable landmark is the now the almost derelict casino. There are also a few beautiful churches and some ruins, which are not very well emphasized.

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Next, we wanted to see a less developed and more funky beach, so we went to see Vama Veche. It’s the last village just before the Bulgarian border. Mostly frequented by younger people who camp in tents on the beach and are there to enjoy unpretentious seaside. It was pleasant, but I’m not a fun of camping, I like having my bed and warm, clean showers 🙂

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I really enjoyed our few days at the seaside and even got to do some sunbathing and relax on the warm sand. Although the water was extremely cold, we enjoyed our strolls in the sun.


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