Two week trip in the motherland: Romania

5500 km, endless driving hours, 10 different locations, family, friends, food and joy

sums up our recent holiday to Romania.

During the year we have many week-end trips within Europe and we usually spend around 3 weeks in Panama and Costa Rica to see family. This year we chose to have our extended holiday in Romania to explore my home country and embarked in a 2 week road trip πŸ™‚

It has been a beautiful, nostalgic, revealing and very pleasant trip. We felt very safe and welcome everywhere we have gone. I think after you leave too long in Belgium, you give up the hope of ever having customer service, so any attention you get in a restaurant or a shop is overwhelming πŸ™‚

Besides spending a number of days in my hometown Timisoara, we went to Bucharest, the Black Sea and a few locations in Transylvania. I was so so glad I got to see new places and re-visit some older ones.

I will do my best to post as soon as possible with all the places we have been. I realize that Romania is a less popular European destination, but there’s no reason to be so. It might be a subjective opinion, but soon you can decide by yourself.

Here are a few pictures from the Black Sea in Romania.


3 thoughts on “Two week trip in the motherland: Romania

  1. Just for the records…. I’m not Romanian, and I can confirm that the place rocks, and prices are not exagerated =)

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