The Waterloo Lion, proud Belgian monument

A few months ago, I put together a Belgian must see list. It actually contains events, musea, places that I still haven’t seen in Belgium and I think are worth checking out. I try to cut items of this list whenever I get the chance, so nothing rigidly planned. But, whenever you have a sunny week-end in Belgium, you have to make the most of it. So, we decided to finally visit the famous Waterloo Lion. It’s about 20 minutes from Brussels and I think I represents an important piece of Europe’s history.


It’s basically a huge hill with a big lion monument on top of it. It’s pretty impressive for Belgium, but if you want to get to the top, you have to go up 226 steps. Yes, 226 stairs that are quite inclined and thin. By the time you get on top, your lungs hate you. Or maybe I’m just weak and not fit 🙂

Why was it built?

It was erected to memorialize the place where William II of the Netherlands was knocked off his horse by a musket ball during the battle of Waterloo. This was Napoleon’s last battle (18 June 1815).


I must say that you have a more impressive view from the bottom. Once you get on top, if you go during spring and summer, you have a nice view of the surrounding fields. But, honestly, it’s not breathtaking. If it’s not crowded, you can sit down and spend some time just chilling, gazing at the pretty, green fields.

The way up is quite a turn off, but I had to do it and I think that if you have the time and lung preparation, you should do it as well.


The Hill

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The Lion

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The Stairs

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The surrounding fields

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Route du Lion 315, Waterloo, Belgium


April – September: 9:30am – 6:30pm

October – March: 10am – 5pm



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