Bath, a lovely surprise

I haven’t seen much of England, so was not sure what to expect of Bath. Yes, I knew it was a former Roman city, with hot baths 🙂 but the rest was a mystery.

I discovered that it’s actually it’s a beautiful, historic city, with lots of coffee shops and pretty stores. It’s a great place for a week-end to relax, take advantage of the Roman baths and shop. For its size it has quite an active nightlife. It might be because it’s a student city, as well. If you are there for more than just a week-end, there’re plenty of cultural activities to discover.

Both the city and the surroundings are very charming and very green. It’s quiet a calming feel to it and has beautiful architecture. I must say that I would gladly go back. It’s also because we have dear friends there 🙂

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Few things to see in Bath:

1. The Roman Baths, right in the center which you can only visit, not bathe in. For the real thing, you have to go else where. Check out here where you can find this attraction. 

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2. Bath Abbey – beautiful, medieval English church right in the center.

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3. St Michael’s Without – lovely church, just across the abbey.

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4. The Circus, an impressive piece of architecture and the name speak for itself. It’s more interesting to see how it looks from bird’s eye pictures. But, I didn’t go for a hot air balloon ride to do that 🙂

5. Shop. The city is not very big. I would say it’s a cute, lovely town, but it’s great for some shopping. The shops are not so big and commercial, which gives you a more homey feeling, with super friendly and nice shop attendants.

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Of course, there is much more to do. But if you’re there for a week-end, just doing this will suffice.

It’s about 1h30′ away from London by train. Plus, the Stonehenge is literally one hour from Bath. We didn’t have time to go, but maybe next time we’ll make an extra effort.

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One thought on “Bath, a lovely surprise

  1. It was a beautiful place… so unknown and so amazing!!!

    Go before other people find out =)

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