Merrilys, new cupcakes on the Brussels’ map

By now it’s clear that I’m passionate about cupcakes. I love them in most flavors and try to discover new cupcake places in Belgium. Until now, I have a favorite in Brussels and one in Antwerp. Nevertheless, I research to see what else is there. So, in my sugar quest, I found Merrilys.

It’s a very quaint and original cupcake place in St Gilles, on a beautiful street with art nouveau buildings. So, it’s a treat for the architectural lovers as well. It’s very Bruxellois, so I encourage you to go an hang out there just for the atmosphere, if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

So, my assessment of the sweet delights: very cute, quite nicer than expected. Nevertheless, I found them a bit too sweet, so you can’t have more than one. But it’s worth the try. They also have very nice coffee, so it’s a perfect break for a lazy Saturday.

Merrily’s atelier sucré
46, Avenue jean volders
1060 Saint-Gilles (Bruxelles)



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