Antwerp’s coolest chocolatier: Dominique Persoone

Belgium is known for having most fantastic chocolate. Swiss might disagree, but I say just try it by yourself. So, besides the well established brands like Godiva and Neuhaus, you will encounter many chocolatiers in Belgium, be it a big city or a small village.

My favorite and in my subjective opinion the best chocolatier in Antwerp is Dominque Persoone, for it’s crazy flavors, daring combinations and innovative products. One good example is his sniffing chocolate package. He created it for a birthday party of the Rolling Stones. He also has a chocolate lipstick which is really cool to inspire you and your partner to have a sugary night in 🙂

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His store is located in a very popular shopping street in Antwerp and I’m sure you cannot miss it. The address is Paleis op de Meir 50 | Antwerp. I really encourage you go in and see what you can choose, as I’m pretty sure you won’t get out empty handed. He also opened a store in Brugge, so if you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth the try.

What’s also cool about his store is that in the back you can go and check out the atelier where him and his team work. Last time I was there with dear friends, we where able to see him in action. He was really cool and my friend Jodi managed to snap a picture with him smiling at us.

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Needless to say that we had to buy a selection of the precious pralines. We has quite a blast discovering the flavors and indulge in Persoone’s creation. So, next time you take a walk in Antwerp’ Meir hop by his store and try some goodness.

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Practical info:                                                                    


Address Antwerp: Paleis op de Meir 50 | Antwerp (not very far from Ruben’s house)

Address Brugge: Simon Stevinplein 19 | Brugge


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