The Science Museum in Brussels

A few months ago, I started my Must see list in Belgium and the Science Museum is one of the item on this list. I’ve been to most museums in Brussels, but this one didn’t get a chance until now. I wasn’t sure what to expect, cause you never know how much care, mind and investment was put in such a museum. You could have an old boring building with items and rooms that haven’t been updated in decades.

Well, the Science Museum is a weird combination. You have rooms with displays that look like they have been put in place 20 years ago and very modern ones that have probably been completed a year ago. I must admit I quite enjoyed my time there and spent a good afternoon. Mind you, if you have kids, you can actually spend an entire day there, as there’s enough to see and do.

There are different galleries to enjoy, but my favorite was the dino one. The exhibited items are pretty cool and you learn a thing or two. So, I really think it’s a good experience booth for the geeks, as well as for the more practical minds 🙂

Check out their website  for more details. Also, you can go for free on the first Wednesday of each month, from 1pm onwards.


3 thoughts on “The Science Museum in Brussels

  1. The building almost looks like an old train station and the pick of the critters all in a line looks like they are ready to go down the tracks somewhere!

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