Food delights in Belgium

Whether you come to Belgium for just some days, months or literally moving here make sure you have the food that makes this country famous.

Belgium is not known for its spectacular or very elegant cuisine, but it surely is tasty and down to earth. So, what is special about Belgium?

Main dishes  – there is a number of Belgian specialties that you can choose from.

  • Belgian fries: Say what you will, but don’y say French fries. History has plaid a trick on Belgium and today we all call the fried patatos – French fries. Anyway, I can guarantee you that this is the place for best fries you’ve ever had. It’s a must. Also try a crazy sauces with them like tartare or andalouse.
  • Moules-frites (Mussels & fries): Although they are very popular in France as well. Belgium has a great take on them. Don’t hesitate tasting them here.
  • Vol-au-vent (Koninginnehapjes, nl.): expect a small round case of puff pastry that is filled with a white mushroom sauce and chicken. I think this one is the most unsurprising and accessible dish.
  • Carbonade (Stoofvlees, nl.): a traditional sweet-sour beef & onion stew cooked with dark beer. It’s usually served with fries.
  • Endives: Belgians love them and they eat them raw or cooked. I’d say that the most popular dish is baked endives rapped in bacon and cheese. I’m not a big fan as I find them too bitter, but they have a high nutritional value.
  • Boudin Blanc & Boudin Noir: Blood sausages. The Boudain blanc is a white sausage made of pork without the blood. The Boudain noir is a dark sausage also made with pork, but blood is added. Not my favorite at all, but you should go for it.
  • Filet Americain: is the most surprising one. It’s actually raw beef with several ingredients. For some reason, Belgians love it, but  I must admit it’s not for everyone. I prefer raw fish 🙂
  • Waterzooi: Originating from Ghent, it’s a soup with chicken or fish, eggs, cream and veggies.

Sweet – on the menus you will find quite a few choices of dessert, but don’t be confused they are mostly French. So, if you really want to have something local, try a waffle (gauffre in French). There are 2 types: Liégeoise and the Brussels one. The Brussels waffle has a rectangular shape with a golden brown color. You can eat it just with sugar or you can try it with whipped cream, fruits or chocolate. The Liège waffle is much sweeter and denser. This one is also the most popular one.

Left - Brussels waffle & Right - Liege   Source:

Left – Brussels waffle & Right – Liege

Next, they have a special biscuit made with loads with cinnamon, speculoos. So, for the cinnamon lovers, this is quite a treat.

Last, but not least, the Belgian chocolate, the beautiful chocolate. This is the place for the best chocolate in the world. Even if you just past by, make sure you try some good Belgian chocolate. You will definitely see chocolate with different eyes.


Chocolate Shop in Brussels

If you think you know chocolate, if you love chocolate or just want to eat quality chocolate,

then make sure you that you don’t leave Belgium before trying the chocolate.

There are some fancy ones like Pierre Marcolini, Corné and Wittamer! Go ahead and taste what chocolate quality is like. If you’re tight on budget then try some Godiva, Neuhaus or Leonidas. No worries, there are chocolatiers at every corner.

I’m just saying, you haven’t lived till you had Belgian pralines!

Bon appetit!

P.S. if you have some time, make sure you visit the Chocolate Museum in Brussels, right next to the Grand Place! You get some free treats and a short history of chocolate


2 thoughts on “Food delights in Belgium

  1. OMG I can spend the entire day eating chocolates in Brussels! Everything looks so good. My husband used to travel to Belgium for work and I heard him saying that he enjoyed the foods you mentioned in the post. Wish I was there…

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