Romanian salty goodness: sărățele

If you don’t try this at home, it’s your biggest salty lose 🙂 In Romania, we call them sărățele, which basically means little salty things, pretty straightforward. So, how do you make these little ones?

Step 1

In a big bowl, make sure it’s big though, you’ll regret it later, mix together all the following ingredients. Don’t worry about the order, just throw them in there:

  • 1 egg
  • 180gr butter or magarine (whatever you have in your fridge)
  • 250gr of feta cheese (for Romanians – telemea 🙂
  • teaspoon of salt (later you can taste the dough and see if you want more)

    Knead your dough on a smooth surface

  • 500gr of flour
  • optional: caraway (chimen)

Step 2

Add 100gr milk or sour cream

Step 3

Knead (framanta) them all together, till you get to a solid consistency.  Just like in this picture

Step 4

Ideally use a rolling pin to make a thin layer.

Step 5

Cut them in nice pieces or roll them to make this nice shapes. Of course, you can create whatever shape you want. But here’s what we did, I used my mom as my assistant 🙂

We rolled them, had some fun

Step 6

If you have baking paper to put on your tray, do so. If not, just put butter on all its surface. This will prevent them from sticking.

 Step 7

Just arrange them on the tray. Beat one egg and just spread it over them in the tray. On top, grade some cheddar cheese (cascaval)

Step 8

Put them in the oven at 170C for about 35-40 minutes.

They should be golden and pretty like this. They are yummy, perfect for snack or aperitif for your guests! So, just do it! If you have questions, just shoot!

So good


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