It’s not about the Wedding, it’s about the Marriage!

You know what I remember about my wedding? A moment while I was sitting at my table thinking: “I wish I could have a speech as well.” Why couldn’t I have done one? Because the year of the wedding has been so stressful and tiring (due to many reasons) that I ended up living on muscle relaxers and pain killers. So, the medicine combined with the champagne have settled me for the entire night. We didn’t have a big or flashy wedding, but it was still a piece of work to organize, especially living in Belgium and planning it for Romania.

Wedding day

After two years of marriage I can honestly say that the best wedding in the world won’t guarantee you the best marriage in the world. People spend so much on their wedding and they plan for years (in some cases) just so that they have that perfect day, a perfect moment.  But in case you can’t do that, don’t worry, in life your wedding won’t keep you in love or close to your beloved. But the way you work on your marriage will. The way you try to learn about your partner, the way you choose to compromise and understand what makes a healthy relationship. You’re in the sport light for a day and you think that the rest of your life will be like that, like a fairy tale, that you’ll keep that feeling forever. Mind you, after all the people are gone, dress is in the closet, it’s just you and your partner and you make your happiness!

My advice, if you can afford it and have the time, have a dream wedding! But if it doesn’t work for you, then you can just focus on the marriage, it’s longer lasting and brings more happiness than just a day.

I have beautiful pictures from our wedding and I remember trying to smile for hours, but I much more prefer this other smile in this picture we took recently. That smile is happiness!

Day trip with my baby


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