My weakness, got it figured out

Probably not considered a weakness by many or maybe judged by others, my weakness is watching TV series. But not just 1 or 2 episodes, a few. I realised that every time I’m home and I have some time to spear I immediately browse my favorite TV series and start watching until I get enough. Sometimes, I feel like I’m procrastinating from reading my huge stacks of books awaiting for me in different parts of the house, from chatting with family or friends, doing stuff around the house, learning to do a new thing or spending more quality time with Fernando.

I got a bit frustrated because I don’t stop after watching 2 episodes, I want more. And then, I figured that I do this because it’s the fastest way I can relax, the fastest way to get anything that’s bothering me out of my mind and it brings back a feeling of nostalgia. I started watching TV series when I was in Uni. and I associated it with the breaks I would allow myself to take when studying for exams or when I would come back to my room from a tiresome day. So, I’m thinking that my brain still associates it with that feeling. “I’m only taking a break and have carefree state if I’m watching TV series”. Obviously, anyone who knows a way to relax and can access it so fast would try to prologue it as much as possible.

On the other hand, I’m thinking I should start replacing it with more useful, meaningful and practical activities. Of course, easy to access, easy to do and no effort, otherwise I go back to watching my series 🙂 I have a few in mind and I just have to decide to change my habit. I heard that it takes 21 days to change or to adopt a habit. So, I got 3 weeks to change this! Challenge accepted!! 🙂

What’s your weakness and what are you doing about it?


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