Conquering the fear of baking – check!!!

Oh my goodness, I have finally baked something. Yes, I have lived 26 years without trying to bake and I’m still alive and happy. But, we have to put an end to this madness and move towards a tastier life 🙂 So, a week ago we bought an electric oven, which does wonders. We started small, chicken drums and casseroles. But then, I got ambitious and baked a chocolate cake. After that little success, I baked muffins and getting the right confidence from that, I also did some cheddar cheese scones!!

Oh my! Such happiness!! Not as much because I eliminated this fear of baking, thinking it was only for the chosen ones, but because I discovered that I can make my own salty snacks. Growing up in Romania, I had plenty of lovely and delicious cakes and sweets snacks, but I don’t have as much of a sweet tooth as I have a “salty tooth” 🙂 Then, when I moved to Belgium, the salty snacks I had in Romania were just a twice/year delicacy. But NOW, I can make them myself!! Thank God for the miracles an oven does combined with new found baking confidence.

I know this is not a big deal, but it is for me! Everyone in my family is a great cook and an amazing baker, I was the only one eating junk food when I moved to Belgium at 21 🙂

So, behold, my first try-out! Mind you, they taste much better than they look. For being my first batch, I’m pretty proud of myself and my admiration for all those bakers out there is not as big anymore, cause I know you’re not magicians, you’re just people with an oven 🙂

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