Listen to your body!

OK, so, what do I mean listen to your body? It’s nothing abstract, it’s something that I have to remind myself every week. Because we live in Antwerp and work in Brussels, and have our friends in Brussels and let’s just say most of our activities we do are in Brussels means a do lot of commuting. You’ll say, that’s no biggie, so many people do it. Well, every day I drive a minimum of 120km, which means that per default I will be slightly tired. On top of that, add some 8-9hs of work. On top of that, add a weekly session of physiotherapy, gym 2-3/week, at least one dinner with friends, prayer group on Thursday, church on Sunday and whatever parties/extra activities that are not planned. Of course, many week-ends we are away visiting family, friends or new cities.

No need to overload (

Needless to say, going to bed every day around midnight and waking up at 6:30 keeps me on a energyless rollercoaster. Which brings me to my point: I must stop over scheduling and rest more. I think that I can keep up with my agenda, but my body keeps reminding me I can’t. Two weeks ago I stayed home for  a week on antibiotics due to my never treated sinus infection, this week-end I spent it in bed due to a never-ending migraine. So, the solution is to give myself some credit for what I can do and understand that there are some limits. Not respecting the limits my body holds on me, will bring me to week-end like this, spent in bed, missing out on a dear’s friend wedding party, saying good-bye to a friend who just left Belgium and celebrating the sun with friends in the park.

Bottom line, health comes first, extra activities can wait or be prioritized! So, watch yourself before your body gives in! If you need to rest, do it. If you need to take it easy and cancel stuff that you plan, do it and just relax. If you don’t take care of yourself, your body with gear down for you and that’s not best case scenario! Just try to find a balance that works for you!


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