I’ll have kids when I’ll have kids

Oh how sick and tired I am of everyone asking me when do I plan to have kids. It’s like a social responsibility of some sort or my obligation to the world’s population. I don’t understand the purpose, have we really ran out of subjects to talk about or are we that limited. I might want to have kids one day, but maybe I’m not ready now, maybe I am going through some tough period now (not saying I am) or maybe I plan to travel the world for the next years or maybe I am just emotionally not available.

For some reason if you get married or if you pass a certain age or just by existing and having humans around you, you get to be confronted with this question on a constant basis. I just want to tell to everyone out there that this world doesn’t need more frustrated mothers, or women who just are not made to be mothers. I don’t know much about parenting, but I know I don’t think I’m ready. I feel too selfish, too scared and busy to think of having a baby. I am not having this baby for my mom, for the Romanian population or for any other reason in the world. If my mom wants another kid, she should have one. If my cousing wants a kid, she should also have one. If any other person around me wants a kid, stop asking me about it and just have one of your own.

Picture this, it’s as if I start asking everyone I know who is not married when are they exactly getting married, why aren’t they married and don’t they feel the need to get married. What do I gain with this? Is it going to make them feel more pressured to get married, happy I care about them or just annoyed that I don’t mind my own business. Their private life won’t affect mine or my happiness.

I just want to end by saying that next time you plan to ask me when do I plan to have babies, please consider asking me first how am I doing and if I am happy or healthy or what are my plans for the future. Then, I would consider that you might care or just want to have a neutral small talk. I consider my social responsibility to be kind, care and respect people. God willing, one day I will be ready to have kids and become a great mom. Until them, just give me a break!


3 thoughts on “I’ll have kids when I’ll have kids

  1. Of Nico, cineva chiar te-a suparat! Din experienta iti zic sa nu te stresezi ca oricum va fi cineva care iti va pune aceasta intrebare chiar daca ai postat acest articol (probabil ca nu are altceva sa intrebe), si cand va veni copilul nici nu te vei obisnui cu ideea de a fi mama, ca deja lumea te va intreba “cand ii faci o surioara sau un fratior?” sau”pe cand urmatorul?”…so don’t be angry

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