I heart Timisoara

I was suppose to write this post a few months ago when the experience was still fresh and intense. In Feb (now, more than 3 months later) I had to go back home to my dentist. Too long to explain why, you can just read my post about it 🙂. What I want to point out is that I always feel nostalgic when I go back to my home city. Although it’s not a very big one, it’s full of treasures: cultural, religious, musical, ethnic, you name it. It has a life of its on, it’s like a young adult who got freed up from its boring and disturbing parents and discovered he’s actually very cool and interesting.

I’m very proud to say that Timisoara was the place where the anti-communism revolution began in Romania in ’89 and with it the start of a new era for the nation. It afterwards spread throughout the country and on Christmas day, Romanians changed their destiny, we were free.

Today, Timisoara is a hub of business, culture, religion, ethnic groups and new ideas getting into the country. I really love the way the different ethnic groups present there are so well integrated that I never actually thought about it or felt it till I moved to Belgium. Nevertheless, they are so obviously present through their theaters, churches, activities, schools, etc. Somehow, we manage to live together, each speak our own languages and live within our own cultures without having any sort of conflict.

Another thing I love about the city is the beautiful streets of the center. During my Uni. years I very much enjoyed walking to get to my classes, just so that I can pass through the bohemian and beautiful central square. There are quite a few places to hang out, bars, lounges, clubs to pick from to anyone’s liking.

The food, oh the food! I love the food, I will always love it. So tasty!! Of course, the people are cool as well, very friendly and welcoming. The kind of people who make things happen or at least try to find a way to help you out.

I heart Timisoara, my birth place, made me what I am today!

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