What do you do when you lose someone?

If you’re reading this blog hoping that I will have very wise or practical words, I guess you should stop now. I just lost a friend to cancer and although I knew she was suffering from it for a while, I was hoping that the chemo did its job. The news that it came back, just a month ago, just choked me up and I was out of words. We were all so happy after her recovery and just looking forward for a peaceful future.

It wasn’t the case, a few days ago, my friend passed away and for the first minutes when I got the new I was just blank, I couldn’t breath properly and I was out of words. I was also sad as I realised I haven’t seen my friend in almost two years. Just a week ago I send her a message saying that I was thinking about her and that I loved her. It was probably too late.

So, what do you do when you lose someone? I cried and wished that someday I could be as encouraging as she was, as beautiful inside and out and a special friend to so many. She was a prayer warrior and a close friend of God. Whenever she was talking about God, she was like Moses, her face would just lit up! She had experienced God at a different level, in a way that I guess many of us would want to.

Her life stands as a testimony and I only hope she had peace before she passed away and I pray that her family will be comforted.

Good bye my dear friend, Ralu!


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