Best Cupcakes in Brussels!

I love, love the cupcakes made by Lilicup! It’s a very cute place, close to Chatelain that mainly does cupcakes, but also other sweet treats. But not just any cupcakes, the best I’ve eaten in Brussels.

Courtesy of Lilicup (photo from their Facebook page)

I must say that 90% of the cupcakes I tasted from them have been absolutely fabulous, with a perfect balance of flavours and so pretty to look at, as well. There is a wide range of flavours, but you must be lucky to get the special ones and you should go early, of course. Don’t try going there at 5pm, they will only have brownies left. Their downsize is its size and the fact the the stash finishes early, as a consequence you need a plan B 🙂

So, if you do feel like having a cupcake after work or in the week-end, go to Cafe de la Presse, on Avenue Louise. It’s a very funky, retro place. You can always find a seat as it’s very spacious and as it’s not so close to the center, it’s mainly populated by the people from the Avenue Louise area.


Whichever you will go to, make sure you try a peanut butter cupcake, it’s a guaranteed success. Very tasty, moist and melts in your mouth. You literaly have a sugar high after one of these bad boys (ups girls, assuming cupcakes are girly 🙂 So, go for one of these sweet wonders and see why I like them so much! I already convinced most of my friends, it will be easy to convince you too 🙂

Lilicup:  Facebook page (Chatelain area)

Cafe de la Presse: Facebook page (Avenue Louise/Bois de la Chambre)

Peanut butter, chocolate and Tiramisu


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