Rotterdam: a fun city with a funky architecture

When you get a sunny day around here, you better take advantage of it! So, that’s exactly what we did with a 20°C day. We hopped in the car and in 1h we arrived in Rotterdam. As it was a spontaneous pick, like many of our trips, we did not do any research, so we didn’t know much of what is there to see. Nevertheless, about 10 years ago I’ve been to Rotterdam for a day and I remembered that there were some weird shaped, yellow apartments that I must see again. So, that was our quest.

Tiny cupcakes in Rotterdam

The gps took us to the center of the city, we parked and off we went. But first, short stop to the cupcake place, just for benchmark reasons. The place wascute and the cupcakes quite decent.Now, with the sweet stop left behind, we just started walking around the shopping streets, dodging the multitude of people out to shop, eat, hang out and simply enjoy that beautiful sun. I must say that, as in the Hague, I really liked the window displays. They were very chic and playful, something that I miss seeing in Belgium, where it’s maybe too serious and dark. Anyway, it smelled like Spring and it was so so lovely to walk around without the stress of seeing a list of 20 touristy places.

After wondering around for a hour, we decided to ask a local where can we find the yellow, diamond looking apartments. We were aprox. 30 min away, which was perfect, more to explore.  And so we did, passed by the Maritime museum, very cool sculpture and buildings and beautiful bridges.

Alas, after walking for more than 2 hours, behold the funky, yellow apartments that raises eyebrows in terns of architecture and a big frown in terms of practicality. I was so glad to get there, bring back teenage hood memories, explore with Fernando and soak in the sun.

Voila, the yellow, diamond apartments

Aren’t they cool? I was so happy to be there. I really enjoyed the Dutch sense of style, use of colors and joie de vivre. I suppose it was also due to our low maintenance attitude we have towards travelling. We might have not seen all the cool places Rotterdam hides, but came back content. Also, not sure why Rotterdam isn’t more popular and visited. Do go if you’re in the area, it’s a pleasant, funky surprise.

Thank you Fernando for being spontaneous and thank you Dutch people for being so bubbly!!

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