Administration is not my strong point

I don’t like arranging stuff. I think I could be a pretty bad office manager or anything dealing with administration. My former job included doing menial tasks and it was just driving me nuts. My high point of the day was writing emails, as it was the only time that I could be somehow creative 🙂

I know that graduating from Journalism doesn’t make you a journalist, but I do like being creative, I like writing. In my current company, I’m doing online communication and marketing and I couldn’t be happier. I really think I do what I like best and am using my (almost) true potential. I know it’s a weakness not to be able to organize reports, tables, files or whatever needs some admin touch, but it’s just not what I do.

It gets worse daily

Take a look at my desk here. I have to coordinate the agenda at our most important event at work and it’s not my most fun task. Still not done, but getting there

As I spend so many hours commuting to work, I get to listen to audio books. The latest one was emphasizing the importance of improving what you’re good at, so that you can be the best at it. It was also making a point of not struggling to strive at what you’re not that brilliant at. Focusing on it and spending time, energy and money to do so, will only get you to a mediocre level and it’s not surfacing your best qualities.

Let’s say I’m bad at Accounting, so instead of wasting years trying to improve it and try to get a silly job in this domain, it’s better to focus on my communication skills and make the best of it.

What is your strong point? What are you good at and not really giving it the right attention! I encourage you to stop being mediocre at something you’re not good at and be the best at what you’re good at!


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