We think we have evolved, but have we?

At my age, my mom already had 2 girls and was getting a divorce. Alone, abandoned, with 2 daughters and nowhere to go. At 26, I’m trying to see which country to visit next, weather or not I can get a better car and is my android doing enough cool stuff. Nowadays, for some reason we think that we are so much better than our parents, trying to educate them about how the real world is and thinking how silly and old-school they are. But, who’s the silly one in this picture?

My mom was a single mom at my age and I remember her being able to pay up in full the apartment I grew up in. I can’t possibly imagine how in the world she managed to face a full time job, 2 kids (I was always sick), the trauma of a divorce and no help from her family. I remember her always strong and wise. She always had an answer to our problems, always able to solve whatever issue came our way.

I got stressed out when I first had a taste of reality and had to juggle my relationship, a stressful job, a new country and health issues.  Honestly, now I’m a grown-up (almost :)) and I still don’t get it how she did it. Maybe that’s something about the way she was built, her faith in God or there’s just a special strength that comes in weary times.

So, I ask again, how have we evolved, when we are not able to take care of ourselves, don’t even dare having kids until we’re at least 35 and outsource most of the chores (household cleaning, ironing, take away, etc).

I wish I would have that resourcefulness, strength and wisdom to handle everything, not break down and come out successful at the end of the day.

Thank you mom!


5 thoughts on “We think we have evolved, but have we?

  1. I don’t think it’s a question of evolution, it’s a matter of choice and the fact that we have a lot more choices than our parents did when they were our age. Yes, our mums were brave and tough and should be admired, but so are today’s women who choose to have a career, travel or have kids when they know they can offer them the best upbringing. We’re no lesser women than our mothers, we’re just choosing to enjoy living our lives;)

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