Lovely day in the lovely Hague

As it’s normal to Brussels, people come and go. Some come for a couple of months, some stay for years. But one thing is for sure, there are constant good-bye parties.  I have been already to so many of them and it’s not a fun time. It’s not cool connecting with people, building friendships and then good-bye, again and again. Anyway, my point is that this week-end we went to visit some friends who moved to the Hague, away from Brussels a few months ago. We just went for the day to catch up, spend some quality time and take a glimpse of the Hague. I have never been there, so I was excited to go.

We were lucky enough to have a sunny day, but the wind was evil 🙂 First stop was lunch/dinner at a Brazilian restaurant. Needless to say that there was too much meat, but very good and tasty! To feel less guilty and see some nice parts of the city, we went for a walk on the beach. We were lucky to get to see the sunset. A beautiful, beautiful colored sky. I looked painted 🙂 Well, God’s creation is amazing!

Beautiful sunset in The Hague

In the evening we went back to the city and zigzagged through the little streets to get to the center. It was such an amazing surprise. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I simply loved the little streets, with beautiful window displays, very chic. So many cute stores that I wish I could have explored, but they were all closed. Some streets reminded me of the very fancy streets you have in St. Tropez and some store window frames had something British to them. Either way, adorable to look at and very creative. Also, we passed a lot of art galleries, that again I would have loved to spend some time in. Oh, and cool museums (i.e. Vermeer) and important buildings (i.e. European Court of Justice).

Unfortunately, we were there only for a couple of hours and during the evening, so I didn’t get to take a lot of photos, but I am proud of the sunset ones. All in all, the Hague is definitively worth visiting and enjoying properly. Sadly, I understood the food is not excellent there. So, go for the city, very beautiful architecture and very pretty stores. It’s a photographer’s dream 🙂

I was once again reminded how clean, ordered and peculiar Holland is. It’s always cool to explore it.

Thank you Paul and Nada for such a great day!

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