My long hours in the car

Just like so many other Belgian inhabitants I commute to work. Due to a long story, that I won’t get into, we now live in Antwerp for a while. Nevertheless, we both work in Brussels. This means that we have to drive every day, as it’s more practical than using means of transportation. So, I spend around 3 hours  (yes, you got that right, 3 hours) of my day just driving. Fun, right?. It might be if my car wouldn’t have goat power, instead of horse power and traffic jam wouldn’t be a daily norm. But that’s a different story, as well.

Friday traffic, cars attacking from all sides 🙂

When I started this new job, I was going nuts every day because driving meant stress and anger for me. Eventually, I got used to the idea of driving a lot, so now I’m a much more experienced driver and learnt to use my time as wisely as I can. AH, why not just change jobs? Cause it’s so cool, I do what I love, have a cool boss and it’s not stressful. For now, I’m quite happy with it.

OK, so what do I do with my hours in my car?

  • Call my mom, Fernando, my friends, etc. till I run out of my free minutes
  • Listen to music and sing along
  • Eat & drink. I’m not one of those people having issues with getting their car dirty. That’s why we have the car wash
  • Of course, stay updated with the holy news. But sometimes I get fed up, since mainly it’s bad news.
  • AUDIO BOOKS. Thank God for audio books. It’s a great opportunity to listen to those books that you would really want to read, but too tired after work. So, it’s perfect.
  • Silence! So good for mediating, thinking about those ideas that I have put on the back burner
  • Praying! So much time and such an available God, it’s perfect!

Although I’m not such a big fan of driving, I am happy to be a more confident driver now. I’m also glad that I have managed with time to lower my driving rage 🙂 and be in a better ZEN state. Trust me, it takes patience, positive thinking and the above activities to keep me distracted.

I do hope that I won’t have to drive as much for many years, but in the mean time, I’m trying to use this time in a beneficial manner.

Thank you all who pick up your phone during my traffic jam hours!


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