When angry, shut up!

How many times have you wished you could take back stupid, hurtful words that you said to people you love, respect or just anyone. Did it happen when you lost control of yourself and gave in to your anger? Or did you just want to get out everything off your chest? Because you have to, deserve it and it’s only fair? If you haven’t then, you must be mute or live alone in a cave.

You know what you have to do

How differently those particular conversations would been if you’d just kept quite, went away to chill out and came back for a calm truce? Well, I know that I could have had a totally different ending to many of my conflicting discussion, just by calming down and thinking with a straight head.

I think one of the reasons why stubborn people, like me for example, is that we can’t let just go to not being right. I wonder if we actually tell to ourselves I just rather be right that solve this conflict. It’s tough being wrong and admit it! But at times, this is a no-brainer. But, if we love that person, care, respect or just have some manners, that’s should not be the priority. The priority should be getting to a a common ground, a sort of compromise where the relationship is above to who’s right.

I know that there are many conflicting subjects like politics, religion and so on. In this case, after both parties have expressed their belief, keep it to that if you can’t agree. Of course, I’m generalizing, but just try to have the right attitude with it.

I had this subject on my mind for a while, but what made me come back to  it was that this week I had 2 interesting situations and I only dodged one bullet. The other one I didn’t manage that well, although I got my ideas across, but with the price of some hurt feelings.

Seriously, when you’re angry just take a break, go put your anger go yell in your mind or somewhere where no one can hear you, do some sports, whatever helps you relax. Under no circumstances, pursue self inflicting activities like over eating, fighting or anything destructive.

Get your arguments into some polite words that you can later present (if necessary) and it won’t hurt feelings, get you fired or ruin a relationship! So, next time you’re angry, take 5! (at least)

Thank God I’m alone most of the times I’m angry!


One thought on “When angry, shut up!

  1. Amazing words.

    I have been so many times and never gave up, always discussed to the end….

    So foolish of me.

    Thanks for these words, it really makes me think…

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