Antwerp’s sweet tooth

Such a sweet and delicious surprise!! As I continue to check out places in Antwerp, I found Momade Cupcakes. First time I went there I took a box of little cupcakes, so that I can taste as many as I could 🙂 We also took a big caramel, juicy one that literally melted in our mouths 🙂

I love their counter

The place is super cute, pink and girly. You can sit there, but there’s not much space, best thing is to take away. Exactly, what I did. My fist taste was vanilla, not super impressive, but OK and smooth. Next victim, the speculoos. It was surprisingly good, as I’m not a fan of cinnamon. I think it’s a must have, especially since this is quite Belgian. The oreo was almost as good as the one I had in New York 🙂

You know what I'm talking about

Next came the coconut cupcake which was quite standard, but pleasant. And best for last, the raspberry one. That was the little box!

But, I went back for more! I had 2 proper size ones and I was surprised. I had cappuccino and raspberry. My goodness, if you’re in Antwerp, do go and have one or two. My favorite is the raspberry one, cause I love these fruits and they made this cupcake so rich and delicious.

My favorite

I recommend this place, it’s my favorite in Antwerp. It’s a cosy place, with nice staff, very girly, but guys are welcome for sweet delights as well. Conclusion, party in my mouth.

Thank you Fernando for going round and round Antwerp’s center trying to find a parking    just to get my cupcakes.


4 thoughts on “Antwerp’s sweet tooth

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