My dentist saga looking for the right insurance

It started with some facial pain. Blamed it on my nerve and cold weather. Little did I know that my adventure was just about to start. Pain! Pain! Pain! What to do? Where to go? I frantically started asking my co-workers to recommend me a dentist who can save me from this excruciating pain.

Eventually, one of my colleagues gets me an appointment with her own dentist and off I go. To be honest, I was quite suspicious on the fact that I could get it so fast, but when you’re hurting thinking straight is not your strength.

I get there and the first thing that goes through my mind: “Oh my Loooord!! Why? Where am I?” That place has not been updated with modern machines for at least 40 years. So, I had to decide if I was just going to run away or just try to solve my tooth pain. I stayed, while praying to God to protect me from anything that I could get from that place. I come from Romania, some say it’s a less developed country, but my dentist in Timisoara uses top dental technology and he’s a master!! So, c’mooon Belgium!

Two anesthesias for one tooth, 1 nerve out, close to giving birth pain and many prayers later, I was out the door with not much hope. So, next 2 days I wasn’t even able to work, cause even thinking hurt. For some sort of miracle I stumble upon a dental specialist. where I waited for more than a hour to find out that he can’t do anything for me. But, actually after x-rays, a lot of body sweat, 3 language conversation, 1 clear diagnosis and a bit more hope, I get an appointment at the emergency with a root canal specialist.  UHU!! Thank You, Jesus! We’re on the right track.

OK, the root canal specialist goes well. I had 4 freaking canals to clean and finally salvation is here. But, at the end I find out that actually 3 teeth have inflamed roots and I need to treat them all asap. Estimated cost? Just around 1,500EUR. Piece of cake, as my insurance only covers 30%. Why? Because they are special, as other insurance brokers in Belgium do have dental coverage, but not mine.

Currently, I am still trying to figure out what to do: dig deep in my 2 Belgian heath insurances here and see if there’s something I missed out or just fly to Romania and get proper, much cheaper dental treatment and end this saga. Either way, I know I can’t live with pain killers for the next couple of months.

What have I learnt?

  • this experience has been about too many numbers 🙂
  • tooth ache is one of the worst pains out there
  • before you pick your insurance in Belgium (mutualite) make sure you do your homework well. In this case, althought it’s too late to change insurance brokers, I can prepare in advance. I am thinking of changing to Euromut, as they have very clear and structure information in ENGLISH. Most of all, they cover quite a wide array of needs and I am excited about it. Do try it!
  • think in advance of your health, not when you’re in the middle of a crisis. You take stupid decisions.
  • for goodness sake if you live in a country, get a dentist there, don’t count on the one from your hometown.
  • when you are scared to stay in a doctor’s office, just go away!
  • always have pain killers at hand 🙂

Thank God for x-rays and pain killers 🙂

  • Update 20th Feb: If I change insurances (mutualite) it will take them 6 months to give me my dental insurance. But, the cherry on top is that they would insure only around 200EUR. Really??!
  • Update 25th Feb: With my second insurance (DKV) I can also get a dental insurance, but it’s better as it covers more than 1,000EUR in the first year. Here’s the tricky part, I first need to get a full check-up with a x-ray, as they insure each tooth individually. So, obviously they will see the issues I have and not insure the problematic teeth. Alas!! So, I will do this afterwards.
  • Update 28th Feb: Bought a ticket to go to Romania. Saturday I’m there an my dentist promised to see me and start working on my teeth. I’m hoping for the best. I’m pretty sure that going to Romania to fix this will be much cheaper than Belgium!
  • Update March:  Been there, done that, my teeth got fixed, at least for a period now. I had 2 root canals done and it only cost 100EUR. Uhuuuu

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