Antwerp under construction

If you come these days to Antwerp or at least in the next couple of years, at the Central station you will be welcomed by approximately 100 meters (American friends do ur own math 🙂 of construction works. It looks like a war zone, full of excavating machines, huge wires and utensils all surrounded by steal fences.

The works

In contrast to one of the most beautiful train stations in Europe, this area is simply horrible. It absolutely destroys the image of the city. This same area is also known as the diamond district of Antwerp, so for the shoppers this is not a welcoming path at all.

This here might be the best shoot you get of the train station.

Best possible shoot for now 🙂

You might ask why is this happening? Well, they decided that an area of around 2 blocks from the train station will be pedestrian, no more cars allowed (to my knowledge), just people hanging out. So, at the end of this, we’re going to be left with plenty of space to walk, shop, eat & drink and just enjoy this pretty side of the city.

To make it more friendly, you are reminded that a couple of decades ago, that area was pedestrian, so going back to basics. The fences hold many pictures from different decades as a testimony that this project will work. Not sure why was it changed in the first place.

The pictures

So, if you’re coming to Antwerp for that beautiful shoot of the Central Station, you should wait a few years or so.

A safe bet 🙂

Nevertheless, thank you Patrick Janssens, mayor of Antwerp for always trying to make Antwerp cooler!


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