, an overload of ideas

If you did not discover until now you’re missing out on a limitless number of ideas. They have a sufficient number of categories that you can browse. From cars, DIY to food and technology, you’ve got it all. Homepage

Members post things they like, they did themselves, news or just something they recommend. Whatever interest you might have, just go in and browse. To subscribe you need an invitation, so just let me know if you want one and I’ll send it to you. Why would you subscribe? To make the owners happy they keep this exclusive image and by having your account there so you can follow your “pinners” and stay tuned to what interests you more closely.

For example, I clicked follow for someone who has cool and yammy recipies, so I can see what does she come up with next or what she finds. Same thing for Architecture or cars. Imagine you are hosting a party, from pintrest you can get ideas of how to decorate the table, even the whole house, appetizers, little tokens for your guest, drinks and the list goes one.

Few ideas for your party

I see it as an aggregation of topics for the lazy people. Not that you are lazy, but the job is done for you 🙂 Of course, you can also have your “pins”, just make sure you put them under the right category and you have a picture with it.

Thank you to my American friends who opened up the door to this cool treasure 🙂


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