A mouth full of New York in Brussels

You might have figured it out by now, I like cupcakes, amazingly delicious and scrumptious cupcakes. But, I also like bagels. The other day, I had lunch in a place that looks like something you would find in New York. So, the New York lovers just go there and enjoy the atmosphere.

Tables in front & coaches in the back

Their bagels, oh their bagels are so goood! I usually have a good eye when I scan a menu and pick the cool stuff. Had around 10 options, but I decided to go for the salmon bagel. My goodness, it was so rich and filling. It was simple and fresh and so surprisingly tasty. I had to stop talking and keep on eating. You get a small salad with it, but you kind of forget you have it 🙂 They also have fresh juices. Yum!! Make sure you get one!

My delish slamon bagel

But I was saying something about New York. It has a very cool atmosphere and you can just hang out on their coaches and chill over a book or magazine, come with your friends or kids, they are group friendly. Of course, grab your laptop and get some work done or just come for lunch, especially if you work or live around Place Luxembourg. In the summer, you can enjoy their terrace.

This cool place is called Karsmakers and I cannot wait to go back! Conclusion, party in my mouth 🙂

Cozy coaches in the back

Thank you Romain for agreeing to go there. Thank you Fernando for letting me take a bite from your chicken bagel, equally amazing 🙂


4 thoughts on “A mouth full of New York in Brussels

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Karsmakers is very popular among Americans, and yes, it will fix any bagel craving you might have!

    A few things worth pointing out though:
    – it is pretty expensive: about 4 euros for a cream cheese bagel -yikes! (Yes, that’s the cheapest one, unless you want it plain…)
    – the bagels are not homemade or fresh. They are the ones that you would buy in a bag of six at your local grocery store. At Karsmakers, they freeze them and then defrost and toast them, and put them on your plate with a heavy markup… Not a bad business 🙂

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