Patty Cake, not quite there yet

Been living in Antwerp for over a year now and I simply refused to explore it, find out its secrets, just enjoy it. Obviously, this is wrong, it’s a wonderful city and there’s so much to explore, visit,  eat, drink, meet…so much to do.

Patty Cake

Alright, so today I wanted to check out if there are any cool cupcake places in Antwerp. A simple google search and I found my first victim. Patty Cake is quite close to the center, on a funky street. The place outside doesn’t look like the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen, but give it a try.

We entered and I was expecting a wide array of choice, along with that feeling: “Oh my goodness, what will I pick?!” Well, there were only 7 flavors and we went for banana and strawberry. Maybe, I judged too fast, but they had an artificial taste to them, left with a slightly buttery feeling in my mouth. I left quite disappointed and hope that the other cupcakes places we go to in Antwerp will do a better job.

Well, they look cute, but the taste is sadly mediocre.

Strawberry & Banana Cupcakes

In conclusion, no party in my mouth! Not sure I want to go back, but I will continue exploring. Oh, but this only reminds me the deliciousness created by my friend, Fiona. She makes the most heavenly cupcakes I’ve ever eaten. Check out her recipes: the strawberry cupcakes & combined. Still don’t understand why she hasn’t opened a bakery until now (wink, wink) 🙂



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