Don’t underestimate the power of internet

Do you think before you speak? If yes, then for sure you should think before you post. You should know by now that internet has the power to fire you, ruin a relationships, destroy your reputation or whatever negative influence you can think of.

Internet should have the label: “Caution! Use with care, any bad post can have immediate adverse consequences!” You think you can erase your “mistakes”, only you can’t just get rid of your entire internet footprint.  I’m always amazed at how confident we are with sharing online so much info about us, our family, our work, etc.

Big Brother is watching you

Just know that whatever you post online, will hunt you forever. So, be careful with what you write, with the pictures you post, your history thread is there, even though you don’t see it, others can. Don’t get me wrong, the internet is a wonderful thing and can’t imagine life without it.

Nevertheless, did you know that Facebook has copyright over your pictures and all your info? Are you aware that whatever stupid comment you write and think that just one or two friends can see it, anyone can just easily google it?

If there is something you couldn’t say or a picture you wouldn’t show to 1,000 people, then you should probably not put them on your Facebook, twitter or whatever channel.

So, next time you want to post something, think twice! 🙂


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