Eliminate stress before IT eliminates you!

It’s so weird that one of the most common diseases today is stress. That’s right, it’s not something that snobs suffer from, or random illness you hear about in the movies. It’s too real and too present.

I first experienced some serious stress about 2 years ago when I had too many things happening at the same time. I couldn’t get rid of any of them, unless I would hide in a cave and get out in some years. Truth is that you can’t just run away from your life. Well, you can, but that’s not best case scenario. So, you just have to man up and deal with it!


But I know first hand it’s not that easy. You might not even realize what you are suffering from is stress, you’re probably treating yourself for God knows what. Stress can affect your nerves, muscles, give you headaches (even migraines), mess up your intestines, give you major panic attacks, play with your emotions, simply freeze your body, and so on! You can become totally hypochondriac. Don’t freak out! Not everything that twitches, hurts and is slightly out of the ordinary is a fatal illness.

Obviously this affects all the aspects of your life, you literally feel as if you are out of time and space and just observing life from a distance. It can be sad to feel like things are happening around you, but you’re not really participating. It’s horrible! Especially in the beginning or if it gets bad really fast it’s pretty hard to control it and get back to normal. So, don’t be surprised if you’er not as efficient at work, no energy when you get home, no desire to spend time with people or do any activity. No surprise at all!!

There are many reasons why this happens, but I think one good explanation is the way we were built. If you’re a guy, by nature you will react to circumstances differently. Guys have it in their nature to solve problems, not just complain about it as we girls enjoy doing. Also, guys see problems in little boxes that they deal with depending on priority and urgency. They can have a day the size of a house, but come back home and have such simple ways to relax.  They read or watch the news, watch a game or cars, just anything that releases some testosterone can help them recharge their batteries. Most guys prefer not talking about what bothers them, they just want to solve it and be done with it.

Unfortunately, girls see everything as a whole, we can’t really splits our stress points and solve them one by one. That’s why we get so overwhelmed. If work is too much, pressure at home, maybe too much traffic, migraines, too many activities…for women this is like a heavy weight that we carry on our back. We can’t prioritize, everything must be done and dealt with right now. Guys, watch it, don’t try to solve our problems, we don’t want that. The first and foremost thing we want to do is to talk about, in details, over and over until we’re sick of it 🙂 So, learn to listen. Just how women have to learn not to bug guys when they need their space.

I am aware that we all need a bit of stress to give us adrenaline and push us to strive for better. But coming back to how too much stress can affect your body and indirectly your entire life, here are some pieces of advice that could help you to start solving your stress issue:

  • if you are religious, faith is something that keeps you going!
  • for your own peace of mind, just go and get a full check-up if you don’t feel well
  • analyze what are your major stress point and try to eliminate them or minimize them
  • EXERCISE!! it will save your life
  • eat healthy
  • in case of women, meet-up with your girls who are aware of your situation & understand  and just have girly time, pamper yourself, go to a spa, anything that you know relaxes you
  • in the case of guys, go to your “cave”, have your alone time and decompress.
  • get enough sleep!!
  • don’t overbook your agenda if you need to rest, take it easy, at least for a while.

With so much going around us and so many things on our list, we are bound to have stress. Mind you, it’s more powerful than it looks, so I do advice you to take the bull by the horns and see what changes you have to do today! Avoid stress at all costs and discover what works for you to get to a balanced and happy life.

Thank you Fernando for understanding and being so supportive!


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