Peruvian flava’ in Antwerp

We were invited by some friends (one of them being Peruvian) to a Peruvian restaurant in Antwerp. Sure, why not? Latin food, can’t go wrong! Well, we got more than we bargained for. It was an eight course meal! My goodness, we ate so much that I didn’t need food for a while. Each meal was small, so we didn’t realize we were way too full until the end.

The place is very cosy and decorated with pretty murals and some paintings made by one of

The interior of El Sabor Andino

the owners. There are so many utensils brought form Peru and the entire place is decorated with many traditional objects. But, the best about it is the food. I already tasted Latin American food and one thing they have in common is corn!

Apparently, Peru has more than just one type: white, yellow and black (and maybe more). Yes, I wrote black!

The ceviche & causas filled with tuna

Oh, we had champagne included! First, we started with two beautiful dishes: ceviche and Causa rellena with tuna. Behold my high quality photos! It was really good. The caussa rellena (filled) with tuna and decorated with avocado and pepper was creamy and easy to finish in 1 minute 🙂 The ceviche had fish fille, coquilles and shrimp with coriander & onion 🙂 delish, I dipped bread in the glass to be sure I get all of it!

Oh my goodness, please under no circumstance, do not touch the chilli that comes with the ceviche, it’s evil. I only touched with my lips and I thought I was going to choke and drop right there. To make things worse, I touched my eyes by accident with my fingers. The horror! I spend 10 minutes in the bathroom to get my sight back! Anyway, avoid it and you’re fine 🙂

Next, we had a palmito soup that was so creamy, slightly sour and tasted like nothing I ate

Palmito Soup, Papas ala Huancaina, Quinoa Soup & Beef heart

before. Again, cleaned the plate with bread, I wanted more 🙂 I think Latin America is not big with soups, but the ones they have they nail it! Quickly after, we got to the main dish, the first one 🙂 A trio of papa ala huancaina (potatoes with boiled eggs with delicious sauce), beef heart (what?! yeah, too chewy for my taste) and chicken. But it wasn’t just any chicken, it was made pané with quinoa. I didn’t even know quinoa existed until recently! 🙂 but it was a great discovery.

Wait, we’re not done yet! Last, but not least rice (ever present) with pork and lamb stew (prepared separately) I don’t like lamb, so I only had pork. Waw, so tender and tasty! I’m not sure I can figure out all the ingredients, but it didn’t look very complicated. It was a perfect ending. We didn’t have dessert and I was happy. I was so full, I could barely stand up and you can’t just refuse a dessert. So, it was better the meal finished there! What a feast!!

I recommend you try this restaurant! Of course, you can just have a decent meal, not taste the whole menu like we did. Ah, don’t be surprised, the chef is Belgian, but married to a Peruvian. Also, for the true connaisseurs, you can have local beverages, like Inca Cola 🙂

 Go to El sabor Andino for a delightful taste of Peru!


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