The day I really enjoyed Paris

By now, I have been to Paris a number times, but I can only remember 2 of my trips there that are dear to me. Paris is a magical place and everyone should go see it. If you haven’t and you can, plan it right now! It’s the city of lights, romance, crêpes, souvenirs, desperate crowds of tourists and so on…loosing my breath with this enumeration

The first time I saw Paris, I felt like a kid in Disneyland, it was superb! I was happy I could share it with a dear friend who was also seeing Paris for the first time! This meant that we had  the same urge to see everything, go everywhere, try whatever we saw, express our amazement and delight at every step and cherish the city! It was better than expected!

The only problem with this trip was that desperation & frenzy to see everything, touch all the buildings and go on top of the Eiffel tower, take literary thousands of pictures.  But, Paris is a city that you have to savour, breath its air, have your eyes wide open and simply enjoy your moments there.

So, last year (2011) for Bastille day, together with some friends we hopped in the car and drove to Paris.  At 10AM we were there.  I was excited as it was my first time to drive in Paris and for the connaisseurs, it’s no easy job. Anyway, we were 5 and 4 of us already knew Paris. So, we decided to give to our 5th friend a short city tour. She didn’t have any special requests, only what we considered it’s most worth while.

Perfect! It was beautiful, I was in Paris with no camera (and I love taking photos) just

enjoying the city, the sun, my friends and for the first time delight in just walking around and absorb that feeling that you only get in the city of romance. I enjoyed Paris like never before!

We were there on Bastille Day, CRAZY!!! It was estimated that 1 million people gathered around the Eiffel Tower to see the fireworks. To get out of the crowds took us around a hour and then another hour to get to the car.

The scene displayed in front of us was absolutely magnificent. This memory will stay dear to me, our picnic on the pavement of the Paris, just staring at the Eiffel Tour. I do have to mention that the fireworks were more than 1 hour late, so we were about 1 million people just staring at a radio antena 🙂

I got home at 5am and back at work at 10am. Had to finish an important project that day. Must say it was quite difficult to concentrate with 2 hours of sleep and too many hours of driving and sightseeing 🙂 But it was all worth it just to see this view here! GO to Paris on Bastille Day and experience another side of this unique place!!

Thank you Adriana for enjoying & sharing Paris for the first time with me. Thank you Jodi for the idea! Thank you Ben & Julz for convincing me! Thank you Emily for  for these wonderful pictures! I would do it again in a blink of an eye!


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